Son Learns about Still Life Paintings

Today we went with friends to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It’s really nice–a modern, spacious building surrounded by beautiful gardens. It has several pavillions with exhibits. In one of them, we saw paintings by Rembrandt, Millet, Degas, and many others.

So, I was admiring this still life painted by Chardin in the late 1700’s. My son, age six, was standing beside me. The painting was very serene. It was a table top with lots of different types of peeled fruits, glasses half full of water, and things like this on the table.

My son seemed interested in the painting too, staring at it like he was thinking really deeply. I thought this would a great chance to explain the term “still life.”

So, I turned to him and said, “Hey, see this awesome painting…Do you know what it’s called when artists paint pictures with this type of stuff in it?”

He responded without even thinking: “Food?”

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