Most of this blog consists of quotes and stories about my children. I gave them nicknames for this blog. Deep Thinker is my older son, almost age 7. He would like to change his blog nickname to Jefferson Steelflex. I have no idea what that is. Anyway, he is calm, generous, and loves all sports and video games. He is contemplative and wonderful in every way. He is nice to everyone, except sometimes Rowdy Rebel (usually with good reason). Rowdy Rebel is almost 4. He is rowdy, rebellious, and finicky. However, he is also warm and completely irresistable. He is nice to everyone, except when he’s in a bad mood. Other tidbits about us:

Rowdy Rebel often wants to play with Deep Thinker, which he tries to initiate by punching, hitting, or throwing things at Deep Thinker. This inevitably leads to a screaming match and near fist fights. My boys never hit anyone except each other. Not to brag. hahahahhaha.

I am a professional writer of publications for children and teens. I really like my job.

I worked as a teacher before having children. I will never understand why teaching and being a stay-at-home (and/or work-at-home) mother have the inaccurate reputation of being easy jobs, or those anyone can do. So far from the truth in both cases.

One of my favorite activities to do with my children is having long talks together. Especially while walking outside.

My children talk a lot, which I enjoy. Mmmm, mostly.

My children scream a lot. Which annoys me greatly and makes me grumpy.

I love stories about children. I love stories by children even more whether written or spoken.

Both of my boys were completely in love with My Little Pony and Dora the Explorer until they learned these toys are for girls. Then they constantly asked if we could buy them for me.

I love reading blogs by mothers. My favorite are the posts that contain griping and bragging about children within the same entry. And for some reason, I kind of like it when parents say curse words in their blogs. But I let my son read mine, so no cursing like a sailor as I do in real life. Just joking.

My boys are excited about their third sibling who’s on the way. Me too:) We might not stop there.

My husband used to work as a 2D animator doing cartoons (like Disney stuff). Now he has a different job because he got interested in computers. I wish every child could be blessed with a father like him.

I love it when mothers with teenagers say they would never go back to the toddler years. It makes me feel relieved about my children growing up so fast.

My children are young, but already, thinking about teenage years terrifies me. (And that’s strictly based on how I was as a teen. Hopefully I will suffer less than my own mother did. Bless her for not killing me.)

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