Christmas 2011 Gift Lists – Video Games and Computers

Last year, the boys wrote their gift lists. Wow, were those some loooong lists. Did I do that when I was little? Probably.

This year, I must admit, I’m almost nervous to see the lists! I know they’d love the new 3D console, so I was looking around for Nintendo 3DS deals…The price just dropped, so this video game console just entered the “possible though unlikely” section of my holiday shopping list.

I thought I had pretty well narrowed the gifts down. Then the other day, Deep Thinker mentions a laptop. A what? He has a mini computer already! Rowdy Rebel wants video games (that we can do), and Baby Brother–not sure, need to check.

Even though popular new video games seem like decent gifts, even those cost $40-60 these days. Goodness, how’s a parent suppose to afford nice presents these days? I think I’m going to buy things similar to those my Granny used to give her grandchildren–nail clipper kits, house slippers, new pajamas, items like this. I can imagine the boys’ faces now!

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