Catching Santa and Seeing Rudolf

On Christmas Eve, my poor Rowdy Rebel could not go to sleep! All he could think about was catching Santa. I tried to explain that Santa simply won’t come in until everyone in the home is sleeping. This news was disappointing for Rowdy Rebel, and rather than help him sleep, it caused his sweet little head to ponder various traps and tricks that would somehow end successfully with Santa trapped in our home near mid-night.

Rowdy Rebel finally went to sleep, but he unknowingly made two little memories of holiday magic.

The first magical moment happened as Rowdy Rebel was describing a trap that could catch Santa without harming him while we all slept. (The dozens of sites where he can chat with Santa apparently didn’t resolve the need to see him in person!) As he spoke, Rowdy Rebel peeped out of the window near his bed.  After a few seconds, he squealed, “MOM! I saw Rudolf’s nose! It was a red light flying through the sky! And there was a white light too. I bet it was Santa’s sleigh!”

I looked out of the window and confirmed that the red light was clearly visible!  With Santa in the vicinity, Rowdy Rebel knew he needed to sleep pretty soon–maybe he could set a trap next year. We talked a little while longer, and finally, he covered up and did his very best to relax! He told me the next day that he fell asleep about an hour later. (I fell asleep about two or three hours later after cleaning the house and getting all the gifts ready.)

The next magical moment happened first thing in the morning. I was suddenly woken up by the sound of little toes RUNNING from the boys’ room to the Christmas tree. Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump!!! Then a very excited Rowdy Rebel YELLED so excitedly into my room, “MOM, SANTA CAME! We have presents under the tree!!!”

All of the preparation, spending, wrapping, baking, and planning were so worth seeing and hearing Rowdy Rebel’s excitement! Time to pack up the Christmas tree and decorations, my new Christmas albums, baking supplies, holiday cards, and post the great family photographs we too online. Now I’m just sad that it’ll be an entire year until we get to do it all again:)

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