Back to School Planning

Wow, I can’t believe it. The summer is flying by! We’ve done a basketball camp for Deep Thinker. It was his first “away camp”…yikes! I couldn’t handle leaving him stranded, so Rowdy Rebel, Baby Brother, and I stayed nearby at beautiful state parks with sandy beaches (lake beaches), waterfalls, and other fun things.

Then, since the boys aren’t signed up for other camps or classes this summer, we started going to the pool every day. It’s been great fun.

But a week ago, Deep Thinker asked, “MOM, did you get our SCHOOL STUFF yet? Remember, you can order it online.” (His school coordinates this effort that allows parents to get school supply packets for each grade, so no shopping around–I love it, but I missed the deadline to order, much to Deep Thinker’s chagrin.)

I found the yellow paper that shows the June 27 deadline, and said, “Don’t worry! We’ll purchase the stuff ourselves, like we did last year. No problem.” Actually, that’s probably better anyway because with back to school and coupons and sales, I can probably get the items for less anyway. The list seems to get longer every time I think about it…new backpack for Deep Thinker, new running shoes, new fall clothing, new pencils, notebook paper, binders, oh, and this is just the beginning. But it’s so fun to see the boys with all of their new things every fall.

He felt okay with that. My little Deep Thinker, always planning so far ahead.

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