Tea Party

My 3-year-old boy heard the phrase “tea party” on TV. He decided that he wanted to have a tea party with me. (I think he heard the word “party” only and thought it involved cake.)

So I got imaginary tea cups and sat them on the imaginary table. I poured imaginary tea, as he watched. He was excited. It was sweet.

Then I asked, “What will we eat with our tea? We need a snack.”

My son replied, “Cookies!”

I asked how many.

He said, “Forty cookies! Forty!” I asked how many for him and how many for me.

He said, “Forty for me. You don’t need any.”

I asked him what I should eat.

“You can eat fruit,” he said.

Hm. Well, at least now I know how it feels to be told to eat fruit instead of sweets.

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