Question about Famous People

My youngest recently asked, “Mom, when famous people die, do they turn into statues?”

What a little sweetheart.

Baby Brother Opposes Candy (Kind Of)

We’ve been watching a lot of documentaries about healthy foods. The movies show how vegetables and fruits nourish the body, while processed foods, fast food, and candy cause problems (weight gain, and so on). I wasn’t sure whether Baby Brother was understanding the documentaries, but we answered his questions while watching, and he seemed interested rather than bored, so all seemed okay.

Today I realized he was totally watching and understood more than I thought. He came up to me and said:

“Mom, the people who make candy don’t really care about the people who buy it. They just care about money. And eventually they’re going to lose all their money.”

And I asked why.

He said, “I mean when they die.”

Whoa. He’s thinking further down the line than I was, but I guess he’s right about that.

High Five from Kobe Bryant

Crazy. Deep Thinker just told me about the time when Kobe Bryant gave him a high five at a Laker’s game. Apparently, this happened three years ago.

He said, “Oh, yeah, remember? That was at my summer camp field trip. The game was over, but I had to go to the bathroom, and I got lost…Anyway, so I was running trying to find my bus to go home. Then I saw this big group of people with cameras walking toward me, and Kobe Bryant was walking ahead of them…So I waved and said, “HI KOBE!” So then, he said “hi” and bent way over and gave me a high five while he passed by me.”

Then my son adds, “Ohhhhhh yeah, I didn’t tell you about that because I was afraid you’d be mad at me for not staying with my group and getting lost at the Laker’s game.”

Planting Toys

Baby Brother has been learning about seeds in pre-school. He’s already 4 years old.

Today he asked, “Mom! What happens if you bury a toy. Will it grow?”


Three Wishes

Rowdy Rebel asked, “Mom, if you could have three wishes, what would they be?”

Before I could answer, he told me that his wishes would be 1) infinity of new wishes 2) lots of money and 3) all of the video games he ever wants no matter how old you have to be to get them.

Then he asked, again, what my three wishes would be. I thought it seemed like a good teachable moment. I said, “Well, my first wish would be that lessons in life are easier to learn. Then people in the world would feel less pain.”

Rowdy Rebel furrowed his brow intensely, and said, “Well that’s a waste of a wish. You have three wishes. Shouldn’t they be about you?”

I said, “Well, of course, it would be great to also have fame, fortune, and never have to have a job!”

He said, “MOM, think about your wishes. If you have FAME, fortune will come. So don’t waste a wish on fortune. Choose something else!”

My oh my. Apparently Rowdy Rebel knows everything. Who needs wishes when you live with someone as smart as him? 🙂

Chapstick Story

Rowdy Rebel told me this story:

“Mom, once my friend at school had a chapstick. Do you know what chapstick is? Okay, so he had one. Then I asked him if I could “borrow” it. But this is the funny part–actually I didn’t borrow it, because when he gave it to me, I ate the whole chapstick right there! It was strawberry. It tasted so good!!!”

Rhetorical Question about Underwear

Rowdy Rebel took a shower.

As he got out, I asked the usual rhetorical questions just to be sure he got it all done without cutting any corners.

I asked, “Did ya wash your hair?”

Rowdy Rebel said, “Yes!”

“Did ya put on your pajamas?” I asked.


Then I double checked, “Did ya put on clean undies?”

“CLEAN? Mom, you didn’t tell me they had to be CLEAN!”

Museum Bugs

We’re headed to the museums in Washington DC next week, so I asked the boys which ones they want to see. Of course the International Spy Museum ranked #1. In spot #2 is the Air and Space Museum.

Deep Thinker is only interested in those two. Rowdy Rebel, however, was interested in the Natural History Museum, but ONLY after he learned it has bugs on display.

“What kind of bugs?” Rowdy Rebel asked me.

“Some normal bugs, and some really gross big bugs,” I responded, “But don’t worry! They aren’t alive.”

Rowdy Rebel looked heartbroken…”Darn it,” he sulked, “I wanted them to be alive. I love big bugs.” Yes, I know you do sweetheart, I know.

Mom’s Dancing Skills

Baby Brother and I were having our nightly “talking time.” (Despite his nickname, Baby Brother is now four years old…unreal how time flies!)

He says to me: “Mom, you know how you dance sometimes at home?” He was referring to those random dance moves one might make when hearing a favorite tune–nothing too frequent, and nothing too crazy…or so I thought.

I said yes.

He said, “Well, can you please not do your dancing anymore? Because your dancing gives me nightmares.”

Back to School Planning

Wow, I can’t believe it. The summer is flying by! We’ve done a basketball camp for Deep Thinker. It was his first “away camp”…yikes! I couldn’t handle leaving him stranded, so Rowdy Rebel, Baby Brother, and I stayed nearby at beautiful state parks with sandy beaches (lake beaches), waterfalls, and other fun things.

Then, since the boys aren’t signed up for other camps or classes this summer, we started going to the pool every day. It’s been great fun.

But a week ago, Deep Thinker asked, “MOM, did you get our SCHOOL STUFF yet? Remember, you can order it online.” (His school coordinates this effort that allows parents to get school supply packets for each grade, so no shopping around–I love it, but I missed the deadline to order, much to Deep Thinker’s chagrin.)

I found the yellow paper that shows the June 27 deadline, and said, “Don’t worry! We’ll purchase the stuff ourselves, like we did last year. No problem.” Actually, that’s probably better anyway because with back to school and coupons and sales, I can probably get the items for less anyway. The list seems to get longer every time I think about it…new backpack for Deep Thinker, new running shoes, new fall clothing, new pencils, notebook paper, binders, oh, and this is just the beginning. But it’s so fun to see the boys with all of their new things every fall.

He felt okay with that. My little Deep Thinker, always planning so far ahead.