Question about Famous People

My youngest recently asked, “Mom, when famous people die, do they turn into statues?” What a little sweetheart.

Rhetorical Question about Underwear

Rowdy Rebel took a shower. As he got out, I asked the usual rhetorical questions just to be sure he got it all done without cutting any corners. I asked, “Did ya wash your hair?” Rowdy Rebel said, “Yes!” “Did ya put on your pajamas?” I asked. “Yes!” Then I double checked, “Did ya put […]

How Did Cavemen Have Babies, Mom?

Today Deep Thinker was feeling very puzzled about how cavemen and cavewomen had babies. Most of this stemmed from our explanation of where babies come from. Deep Thinker keeps pressuring us about this topic, so we told him that basically God gives people babies after they’re married. (This is a pretty standard response, no?) He […]

Rowdy Rebel’s New Phrase

Rowdy Rebel has learned many phrases at preschool, including “what heck dat?” (what the heck is that?), “shubup” (shut up), and my favorite “SAD AT!?” (Did you see that?) Everytime he does something that he finds exciting (dropping cereal on the floor, turning on the light, falling over, jumping off the counch), he yells at […]

Beds in Heaven?

Deep Thinker is going through a phase of asking lots of questions about God and heaven. So, we were on our way to school, and he pointed to a house as we walked by it, and asks, “Mom, are there houses in heaven?” I said, “Well, I am not sure. People might not need houses […]

Question about Samaritans

A few years ago, my five-year old was in the church Nativity play. He and other children practiced their roles in the play four several weeks leading up to the performance. On our way home from practices, he was full of questions about events and characters in the play. One evening, the children playing shepherds […]

Compassionate Little Soul

Deep Thinker built a spaceship out of lego’s, and Rowdy Rebel threw it on the ground. It broke in half (easy to fix though). So Deep Thinker was really mad, crying, and kept talking about it even after we fixed it–just all bent out of shape. I wanted to teach him about forgiving and moving […]


Rowdy Rebel’s favorite question is “Whassat!” (What’s that?) He says it very, very excitedly. And over and over. When we read stories before bedtime, my job is to turn pages and remain quiet while yells over and over and over, “Whassat!? Whassat!? Whassat!?” This morning, I walked in and Denise (our part-time nanny) was reading […]