My Son Waters the Lawn + Neighbor’s Window, Printer, and Bed

What fun. Deep Thinker will be a second grader when the summer is over. He asked if he could have an allowance. I thought, sure. But let’s give him at least one or two chores. (He currently has no chores and I have been pondering when to introduce them. I suppose I’m behind on this…) […]

Taking Children for Granted? Two Quick Cures

Sometimes it dawns on me that though my children are my number one priority in my heart and mind, I have inadvertently put other things first in my actions. My friends and I talk often about those moments when we realize that we’re doing everything except spending time with our children–cleaning, cooking, using the Internet, […]

Words of Wisdom in Times of Frustration

Rowdy Rebel was sooo irritable yesterday. I think it’s due to having potty training accidents. Poor thing. Poor me and Deep Thinker too…Anyway, we had a hard day. So, at one point Rowdy Rebel was having a fit. At this moment, Deep Thinker asked me if he could sweep the living room. (Note that Rowdy […]

Six-Year Old’s Thoughts on Nude Paintings

We visited the Getty Museum last weekend. My six-year old, “Deep Thinker,” had lots of questions about the paintings we were looking at. I didn’t even really stop to think that there might be nude paintings or that they might surprise him. Anyway, we were walking through the room with the still lifes and portraits. […]

My Son’s Turn on the Swing (Follow Up)

In a prior post I described how my five year old waited the entire play period to get a turn on the swing, just to give it up when his friend asked to have a turn. I encouraged him to take his turn first (at least sometimes!). Well, the very next day, the same “friend” […]

Dirty Bathroom Lesson Learned

It is amazing to watch my young son learn from his father’s words, but also by following his example. My husband uses many ways to teach my older son new concepts. When explaining a process, he draws pictures. To show the kids how to do things like use a new toy, he uses demonstrations. To […]

Compassionate Little Soul

Deep Thinker built a spaceship out of lego’s, and Rowdy Rebel threw it on the ground. It broke in half (easy to fix though). So Deep Thinker was really mad, crying, and kept talking about it even after we fixed it–just all bent out of shape. I wanted to teach him about forgiving and moving […]

Tear-jerking Generosity

This little story made me cry. I was walking my kindergartner home from school. As usual, I asked him how his day went, who he sat with at lunch, and who he played with at recess. He said, “I didn’t play with anyone at recess.” I asked why, and he explained that he waited in […]

Stop the Sponge Bob Voices, Mom

Deep Thinker and I love watching SpongeBob and reading SpongeBob stories. So, last night before bed, we were reading one we bought at a school bookfair. I was trying to do a SpongeBob imitation (which sounded exactly like SpongeBob, and extremely funny, in my opinion). After I read a few lines using the ‘SpongeBob voice,’ […]

My Kindergartner Read His First Word (I’m Sobbing)

Deep Thinker read his first word today. It was the word “he.” 🙂 This totally made me cry. We practice reading a lot now. He can sound out the first few letters of words and guess what they are based on the story beyond that.