Taking Children for Granted? Two Quick Cures

Sometimes it dawns on me that though my children are my number one priority in my heart and mind, I have inadvertently put other things first in my actions.

My friends and I talk often about those moments when we realize that we’re doing everything except spending time with our children–cleaning, cooking, using the Internet, talking on the phone…Meanwhile the kids, of course, are begging for attention.

Well, here are two posts that will put a quick stop to THAT. The first is by a father named Jeremy Biser whose wife just recently gave birth. They are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. The second is by a mother named Amanda who really, really, really wanted a child (and now has a gorgeous daughter):



Need some tissues? I sure do, and I’ve already read both of these more than two times!

One Response to “Taking Children for Granted? Two Quick Cures”

  1. wow! thanks for linking to my blog! im just noticing this now, so its a big surprise that anyone was reading my words way back then. since this post, ive been diagnosed with a chronic illness and almost lost my daughter after she swallowed a battery that became lodged in her esophagus. its been a wild ride, and every day i become more grateful to have her, and i feel more blessed. i hoe every parent can internalize those lessons without having to experience the things we have in order to get there.
    take care, and thanks again!