Six Year Old’s Observations on Pregnancy Effects

Deep Thinker is sooo excited about his baby brother (due date August 13). I like asking him theoretical questions sometimes because it’s fun to hear his take on things. So, I asked, “Will it be fun to have 3 boys, or is that too many?” He said FUN. I continued, “Well, what about 4? Do […]

My First Grader’s Manly Internet Search

Oh my. My first grader has been using the computer more and more. I am not ready for this. Yet I encourage it. We often use it together to find the answers to his questions–you know, things like “What’s a spider web made of, Mom?” So he has seen me do Internet searches many times. […]

How Did Cavemen Have Babies, Mom?

Today Deep Thinker was feeling very puzzled about how cavemen and cavewomen had babies. Most of this stemmed from our explanation of where babies come from. Deep Thinker keeps pressuring us about this topic, so we told him that basically God gives people babies after they’re married. (This is a pretty standard response, no?) He […]

Where God Lives: Rowdy Rebel’s Theory

I am not doing a lot to promote spirituality and religion at home. I want to do more. But at least each day we say the blessing and express thanks for the things we have and ask for help growing and learning and being better. We were saying the blessing at dinner two days ago, […]

Sweet Toddler Pronunciations

Here are the latest and greatest–they drive me wild. I wish Rowdy Rebel would always pronounce words this way! 1) When he “reads” stories to us, instead of “ONCE upon a time,” he says “ONE upon a time.” (I think I am repeating this one–it’s so sweet, it’s worth repeating just this once;) 2) Not […]