How Did Cavemen Have Babies, Mom?

Today Deep Thinker was feeling very puzzled about how cavemen and cavewomen had babies. Most of this stemmed from our explanation of where babies come from. Deep Thinker keeps pressuring us about this topic, so we told him that basically God gives people babies after they’re married. (This is a pretty standard response, no?) He […]

Where Do Babies Come OUT, Mommy?

Boy, baby questions are just getting out of hand. Deep Thinker keeps asking where babies come from. At first, I was cleverly dodging the question with vague answers. (He’s only 6. I can’t tell him and have him break this news to his friends in kindergarten. I would be killed by numerous parents not yet […]

No More Babies Or We Can’t Visit China

Deep Thinker has been really interested in China since one of his classmates and her parents did a Chinese New Year party for the class last year. I also am very interested, and we are dreaming of going there someday and learning Mandarin over a summer. Anyway, my husband and I are now planning to […]