Where Do Babies Come OUT, Mommy?

Boy, baby questions are just getting out of hand. Deep Thinker keeps asking where babies come from. At first, I was cleverly dodging the question with vague answers. (He’s only 6. I can’t tell him and have him break this news to his friends in kindergarten. I would be killed by numerous parents not yet ready to delve into the topic.)

One of my very favorite questions though was Rowdy Rebel’s question today. Mind you, he is only 3.5 and has NO idea how babies are born, just that they are located in the belly for a long time. Therefore, the beginning of this question was interesting : “Mommy, when the baby comes out he’s all wet, right?”

I wondered how he knew they were “wet.” I nodded and listened closely to his next words.

He continued, “Mommy, will it hurt when your baby comes out of your mouth?” he he.

One Response to “Where Do Babies Come OUT, Mommy?”

  1. Funny. My friend’s daughter kept thinking the baby was going to come out through her belly button.