Reactions about Baby Sibling

I asked the boys how they feel about having a baby sibling. Here are a few reactions:

Deep Thinker: “I want a brother, not a sister. Then we can have a boy’s club. With a sister, we definitely cannot have THAT.”

Rowdy Rebel: “I want a girl or a boy. I will hold her.” (He calls every child “her,” girl or boy.

Then I asked the boys if they would feel jealous of losing Mom and Dad’s attention.

Rowdy Rebel: “Yes, I will feel bad if I don’t get attention. I will feel NERVOUS if she SCREAMS while I’m TALKING.” (As he said this, his eyes were open very widely, and he was nodding.)

Deep Thinker: “It’s okay. You can take care of Rowdy Rebel and give him attention. I’ll take care of the baby.”

I LOVE it. What you ask is what you get–no filters, no “making it pretty” for the person their talking to. And so cute to look at too. I feel really lucky.

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