Six-Year Old Calls Self a “Man”

Deep Thinker is now taking guitar lessons. His teacher is named Phil. I could tell on day one that these two were going to study well together. Phil is really polite, serious, and diligent about where the last lesson left off and where the new one begins. Very patient guy and excellent guitar player (of course).

So, after lessons today, I asked, “Hey, do you still feel like you and Phil are studying well together?”

Deep Thinker responded, “Oh, yeah. We make a good team. Phil is a quiet and serious man, and I am a quiet and serious man. It works perfect.”

On a side note, shortly after this, another God question. (Mind you, it has been at least 7 months since we’ve been to church. I don’t really talk about God at home with them, but I should try. We say the blessing at dinner time, and that’s pretty much it. Deep Thinker is just a big God lover of his own making.) SO, he asked, “Hey Mom, do you think God plans out our whole life when we’re a baby in our mom’s belly? Or does he just plan it day by day?”

He’s a little deep for age 6. Hence his blog nick name Deep Thinker.

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