Graduate Studies for Mom

I’m thinking about taking some graduate classes–either a master’s program or a graduate certificate–in a new field. I’m excited about it told the boys a little about it at dinner. However, the conversation took some funny turns. It went like this: Me: Hey guys! I’m thinking of doing this school thing kind of like college. […]

Six-Year Old Calls Self a “Man”

Deep Thinker is now taking guitar lessons. His teacher is named Phil. I could tell on day one that these two were going to study well together. Phil is really polite, serious, and diligent about where the last lesson left off and where the new one begins. Very patient guy and excellent guitar player (of […]

Stealing from Preschool

Rowdy Rebel was getting ready for his bath. As he was getting ready to take off his pants, he reached into his pockets and pulled out HOARDS of fake Spiderman dollars. (I assume these are from a game the kids played at preschool.) So, I explained, “Honey, we can’t take things home from preschool. This […]

“Assidents” Happen

Rowdy Rebel is really good for his naps now. (Sure, now that he’s almost too old for them.) He just lays down and stays in bed until he goes to sleep. But for some reason last Saturday, he reverted back to the terrible two’s when he screamed non-stop at the top of his lungs for […]

Oldest Son Kind of Disobeyed the Teacher

Today, my first grader (oldest child) told me that during PE, he and his friends were playing “chop chop.” This is a game when the kids give each other karate chops. My son explained that one of the playground supervisors told him to stop doing it, or he would have to walk laps around the […]

Rowdy Rebel Not Listen

When we moved back to Southern California, Rowdy Rebel’s nap and sleep schedule got out of sinc (AGAIN). So, I started laying down with him to get him asleep to avoid the screaming. The other day, he kept saying over and over, “MOMMY, I don’t WANT to sweep (sleep)! I don’t want to!” I was […]

Secrets about Preschool

I had the most interesting conversation with my three-year old. He was being typical Rowdy Rebel–sweet, honest, yet naughty all at the same time. He said “I want to go to school.” (He omits “doesn’t,” so he actually meant, “I don’t want to go to school.”) I asked why. He said, “Teacher said she going […]

My Son Is Cool (Well, Not Exactly)

I think all kids love copying phrases they hear adults say. My older son is no exception. He tries really hard and loves it when his friends laugh or think he sounds cool. Yesterday I was asking about his new school. He’s been going a week and a half, but I guess I’ll ask these […]

My Kindergartner “Falled in Love”

Well, my little kindergartner proclaimed last night that he “falled in love.” As I was tucking him in, he told me he had a secret. The secret was that he “falled in love” with a girl named Abby from his class. As he explained, this is a “major secret,” because Abby would “totally freak out” […]

Conversation With My Two-Year Old

I had a conversation with my two-year old (blog nickname Rowdy Rebel) the other day about his favorite things. It seemed wise to give him choices to help him answer…to help the two-year old stay tuned in. I think you can learn a lot about his personality based on his responses: Me: What is your […]