My Kindergartner “Falled in Love”

Well, my little kindergartner proclaimed last night that he “falled in love.”

As I was tucking him in, he told me he had a secret. The secret was that he “falled in love” with a girl named Abby from his class. As he explained, this is a “major secret,” because Abby would “totally freak out” if she knew.

I asked him what it is about her that made him fall in love. He said, “She’s really pretty because she has lots of sweat in her hair. I like girls who have sweat.” After a few questions, I confirmed that by “sweat,” he did indeed mean perspiration. (I have seen her, and she’s cute, somewhat of a tomboy).

When I asked how long he had loved her, he said since about October. When I asked if Abby loves him, my son said he doesn’t know:)

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