Hilarious Sign Taped to Mom’s Back

Today my kindergartner (Deep Thinker) came up and put his hand on my back as he whispered, “Hey Mommy, I have to tell you something.” Then he stepped back and said, “Oh, I forgot.” Later I was running around getting ready to go pick up Rowdy Rebel from pre-school. In my bedroom mirror, I noticed […]

Pronunciation is Not an Issue (hahaha)

I was recently informed of the following things: 1) My kindergartner’s ears feel stopped up. He’s pretty sure he has an ear “infunction.” 2) Also his “taste bumps” used to love chicken, but not anymore. 3) My toddler’s Spiderman toy is a good guy, but the Hulk is a “gag guy.” How can I possibly […]

Rowdy Rebel’s New Phrase

Rowdy Rebel has learned many phrases at preschool, including “what heck dat?” (what the heck is that?), “shubup” (shut up), and my favorite “SAD AT!?” (Did you see that?) Everytime he does something that he finds exciting (dropping cereal on the floor, turning on the light, falling over, jumping off the counch), he yells at […]

My Son’s Turn on the Swing (Follow Up)

In a prior post I described how my five year old waited the entire play period to get a turn on the swing, just to give it up when his friend asked to have a turn. I encouraged him to take his turn first (at least sometimes!). Well, the very next day, the same “friend” […]

Sleeping with Spiderman?

Rowdy Rebel likes to sleep with toys. Today he found this plastic Spiderman toy that dances and sings and decided to sleep with it. When I went to check on the boys at night, Rowdy Rebel was asleep with his little armed wrapped around Spiderman. I really like the way Spiderman is laying right on […]

Ketchup Fun All Over My Living Room

Rowdy Rebel discovered the ketchup squirting mechanism today. Ironically enough, he was discovering this as I was cleaning my room about 6 feet away. You know, there’s no fun like ketchup fun. I can hear his little thoughts now: Ketchup in the kitchen! Ketchup in the carpet! Ketchup, ketchup KETCHUP! It kind of makes a […]

Beds in Heaven?

Deep Thinker is going through a phase of asking lots of questions about God and heaven. So, we were on our way to school, and he pointed to a house as we walked by it, and asks, “Mom, are there houses in heaven?” I said, “Well, I am not sure. People might not need houses […]

Everyone Laughed at My Kindergartner:(

Wednesday, Deep Thinker and I were walking to pick up Rowdy Rebel from preschool. During these walks, the most interesting information comes up! So during this walk, I learned that Deep Thinker was really upset. His kindergarten class has a brief circle time when children can bring things to show their classmates. So, Deep Thinker […]

My Little Butterfly

Today in Rowdy Rebel’s preschool, the kids made these huge paper butterfly wings. They cut them out of paper, let the children color designs on them, and taped them to their backs. My son’s were so big, the wings are easily visible from all views. When I put him in the stroller to walk home, […]

Rowdy Rebel “Want Break Eggs”

We were having a nice evening at home. The boys were playing quietly, Deep Thinker (age 5) in their bedroom and Rowdy Rebel (age 2) in the living room. I was cleaning up in our room. Deep Thinker is always quiet, so I really wasn’t too worried about the silence in their room. But when […]