Rowdy Rebel “Want Break Eggs”

We were having a nice evening at home. The boys were playing quietly, Deep Thinker (age 5) in their bedroom and Rowdy Rebel (age 2) in the living room. I was cleaning up in our room. Deep Thinker is always quiet, so I really wasn’t too worried about the silence in their room. But when […]

Rowdy Rebel “Want Break Eggs” Follow-up

People, it wasn’t enough to splatter eggs all over my living room. The next day, my husband was using his computer in the kitchen (which is basically part of the living room). Rowdy Rebel was playing right behind him. My husband noticed an odd silence and turned to check on Rowdy. He had taken the […]

Dirty Bathroom Lesson Learned

It is amazing to watch my young son learn from his father’s words, but also by following his example. My husband uses many ways to teach my older son new concepts. When explaining a process, he draws pictures. To show the kids how to do things like use a new toy, he uses demonstrations. To […]

Question about Samaritans

A few years ago, my five-year old was in the church Nativity play. He and other children practiced their roles in the play four several weeks leading up to the performance. On our way home from practices, he was full of questions about events and characters in the play. One evening, the children playing shepherds […]