Dirty Bathroom Lesson Learned

It is amazing to watch my young son learn from his father’s words, but also by following his example. My husband uses many ways to teach my older son new concepts. When explaining a process, he draws pictures. To show the kids how to do things like use a new toy, he uses demonstrations. To help my son practice some situations, he uses role play. For example, my husband pretends to be the teacher and asks my son a question. This gives my son a chance to practice his answer before the real conversation.

It’s soooo sweet and touching to see how much my son learns from his father. My son is also now frequently using drawings, demonstrations, and role-play to explain and practice new things. He enjoys doing things like Daddy does them–it makes him feel sophisticated and mature.

Our favorite example happened when fthey went to the store, and my son had to go to the restroom. My husband gave him a few tips on avoiding germs in public restrooms. (For example, don’t touch the toilet, wash your hands with soap, and so on.) My son was careful to heed his father’s instructions.

When they came home, my son wanted to show me exactly how careful he had been in the store restroom. He said, “Mommy, I’m going to show you what I did. I’ll be me. Daddy, you be the dirty bathroom, okay?”

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