Question about Famous People

My youngest recently asked, “Mom, when famous people die, do they turn into statues?” What a little sweetheart.

Graduate Studies for Mom

I’m thinking about taking some graduate classes–either a master’s program or a graduate certificate–in a new field. I’m excited about it told the boys a little about it at dinner. However, the conversation took some funny turns. It went like this: Me: Hey guys! I’m thinking of doing this school thing kind of like college. […]

The Moon

I took Baby Brother to the store while the other boys were over at a friend’s house. It was close to evening but still light out. You could just barely see the moon. Baby Brother pointed to it and said, “Look, there’s the moon!” and then added, “He’s looking for his mommy!” Awww. We saw […]

Children, Loose Teeth, And Treasures

For children loose teeth are of paramount importance! BUT I thought Deep Thinker would NEVER lose his first tooth. In kindergarten, his first peer reported a baby loose tooth. Then the next person. Pretty soon everyone is losing teeth. Except Deep Thinker. He handled it well…until about the middle of first grade. Then a few […]

Crushes in 1st and 2nd Grade

Deep Thinker has been the unfortunate victim of two crushes. One happened last year. A girl accidentally made him bump into a door, and this gave him a huge black eye. Then, she developed a crush on him. She’s very cute (in my opinion), but as he puts it “bossy and mean.” This year, they’ve […]

Rowdy Rebel Feels Auntie Should Have Children

My sister flew from the East Coast to visit us this week! The boys are SOOOO excited. We’ll refer to her as Aunt Super Cool, since that’s how the boys feel about her:) And me too. Aunt Super Cool is not married, and she doesn’t have children. She might have children at some point–if she […]

Rowdy Rebel Describes His Friend

Rowdy Rebel is apparently an angel at pre-school. Isn’t that ironic? But of course, his best friend is the “wild kid” who is not only wild, but seems quite mean. Rowdy Rebel and this child LOVE each other. They want playdates together, they share snacks, they throw sand at each other… I’m encouraging Rowdy Rebel […]

My First Grader’s Manly Internet Search

Oh my. My first grader has been using the computer more and more. I am not ready for this. Yet I encourage it. We often use it together to find the answers to his questions–you know, things like “What’s a spider web made of, Mom?” So he has seen me do Internet searches many times. […]

Concentration Skills of a Three-Year Old

Rowdy Rebel (my 3.5 year old) was sitting on the toilet, and screamed “Mommy!” I said “Yes?” He answered, “Wait a second. I’m concentrating POOPING.” So, I waited, confused as to why he called me. And after a few minutes, he asked, “Mommy, do all mommies have crooked teeth?” (Yes, that means, do all mommies […]

Stealing from Preschool

Rowdy Rebel was getting ready for his bath. As he was getting ready to take off his pants, he reached into his pockets and pulled out HOARDS of fake Spiderman dollars. (I assume these are from a game the kids played at preschool.) So, I explained, “Honey, we can’t take things home from preschool. This […]