Graduate Studies for Mom

I’m thinking about taking some graduate classes–either a master’s program or a graduate certificate–in a new field. I’m excited about it told the boys a little about it at dinner. However, the conversation took some funny turns. It went like this: Me: Hey guys! I’m thinking of doing this school thing kind of like college. […]

Advice on Mummies

We were driving back home from Lake Arrowhead a few weeks ago. (This is one of our favorite Southern California family vacation spots–along with Big Bear. If you don’t know about these areas, you can read about them here.) Suddenly, the boys started talking about mummies. I have no idea why or how the topic […]

A Child, Teachers, and Funny Compliment

It’s always interesting to listen to a child talk about teachers. Especially to me, since I was a teacher and have many, many friends who are teachers! Rowdy Rebel was telling me about school and how much he likes his friends. (All of his friends are very rowdy, just like he is, of course.) His […]

Crushes in 1st and 2nd Grade

Deep Thinker has been the unfortunate victim of two crushes. One happened last year. A girl accidentally made him bump into a door, and this gave him a huge black eye. Then, she developed a crush on him. She’s very cute (in my opinion), but as he puts it “bossy and mean.” This year, they’ve […]

Rowdy Rebel Describes His Friend

Rowdy Rebel is apparently an angel at pre-school. Isn’t that ironic? But of course, his best friend is the “wild kid” who is not only wild, but seems quite mean. Rowdy Rebel and this child LOVE each other. They want playdates together, they share snacks, they throw sand at each other… I’m encouraging Rowdy Rebel […]

I Pile My Clothes Like You Do, Mom

Mom, Dad, and Money

I was volunteering in Deep Thinker’s class doing the “Monday folders.” This involves stuffing all of the news and important papers into folders to take home. As I was doing this, the class had a discussion about money. The teacher asked, “How much money is two quarters?” My son raised his hand, and the teacher […]

Oldest Son Kind of Disobeyed the Teacher

Today, my first grader (oldest child) told me that during PE, he and his friends were playing “chop chop.” This is a game when the kids give each other karate chops. My son explained that one of the playground supervisors told him to stop doing it, or he would have to walk laps around the […]

My First Grader and His Darn Rules!

My first grader (nickname Deep Thinker) always pays very close attention to the rules and almost never breaks them. Here is an example that illustrates his enthusiasm for rules gone overboard. He told me that he didn’t play with his friends at school last week because they played tag, but tag isn’t allowed. So I […]

How to Make Paint

We were driving home today and Deep Thinker asked how to make paint. I said, “I wish I knew! But you asked the wrong girl…I’m just not sure how to make paint.” He responded, “Oh, no, I think I asked the right girl. You used to be a teacher didn’t you?” Of course, ALL teachers […]