Advice on Mummies

We were driving back home from Lake Arrowhead a few weeks ago. (This is one of our favorite Southern California family vacation spots–along with Big Bear. If you don’t know about these areas, you can read about them here.) Suddenly, the boys started talking about mummies. I have no idea why or how the topic arose…but Rowdy Rebel and Deep Thinker had some serious messages. Here is what they said:

Rowdy Rebel: “Mom, you cannot EVER marry a mummy.”

Me: “Okay. I won’t.”

Rowdy Rebel: “Because they are DEAD. Also, if you could marry a mummy, you should not do it. Because you can’t ever KISS it.”

Deep Thinker: “Yeah.”

Me: “Eeeeeee…That’s true.”

Deep Thinker: “Also, you can’t have children with it.”

In conclusion, I felt this was very sound advice, so I plan on following these tips closely.


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