Baby Brother Opposes Candy (Kind Of)

We’ve been watching a lot of documentaries about healthy foods. The movies show how vegetables and fruits nourish the body, while processed foods, fast food, and candy cause problems (weight gain, and so on). I wasn’t sure whether Baby Brother was understanding the documentaries, but we answered his questions while watching, and he seemed interested […]

High Five from Kobe Bryant

Crazy. Deep Thinker just told me about the time when Kobe Bryant gave him a high five at a Laker’s game. Apparently, this happened three years ago. He said, “Oh, yeah, remember? That was at my summer camp field trip. The game was over, but I had to go to the bathroom, and I got […]

Planting Toys

Baby Brother has been learning about seeds in pre-school. He’s already 4 years old. Today he asked, “Mom! What happens if you bury a toy. Will it grow?” 😀

Three Wishes

Rowdy Rebel asked, “Mom, if you could have three wishes, what would they be?” Before I could answer, he told me that his wishes would be 1) infinity of new wishes 2) lots of money and 3) all of the video games he ever wants no matter how old you have to be to get […]

Chapstick Story

Rowdy Rebel told me this story: “Mom, once my friend at school had a chapstick. Do you know what chapstick is? Okay, so he had one. Then I asked him if I could “borrow” it. But this is the funny part–actually I didn’t borrow it, because when he gave it to me, I ate the […]

Mom’s Dancing Skills

Baby Brother and I were having our nightly “talking time.” (Despite his nickname, Baby Brother is now four years old…unreal how time flies!) He says to me: “Mom, you know how you dance sometimes at home?” He was referring to those random dance moves one might make when hearing a favorite tune–nothing too frequent, and […]

Back to School Planning

Wow, I can’t believe it. The summer is flying by! We’ve done a basketball camp for Deep Thinker. It was his first “away camp”…yikes! I couldn’t handle leaving him stranded, so Rowdy Rebel, Baby Brother, and I stayed nearby at beautiful state parks with sandy beaches (lake beaches), waterfalls, and other fun things. Then, since […]

Tea Party

My 3-year-old boy heard the phrase “tea party” on TV. He decided that he wanted to have a tea party with me. (I think he heard the word “party” only and thought it involved cake.) So I got imaginary tea cups and sat them on the imaginary table. I poured imaginary tea, as he watched. […]

Catching Santa and Seeing Rudolf

On Christmas Eve, my poor Rowdy Rebel could not go to sleep! All he could think about was catching Santa. I tried to explain that Santa simply won’t come in until everyone in the home is sleeping. This news was disappointing for Rowdy Rebel, and rather than help him sleep, it caused his sweet little […]

Field Trip Moms

Rowdy Rebel had a really interesting field trip at school last week. They went to see a Native American settlement and Nature Center. I said, “Wow, that sounds like such a neat place. I wish I could go!” Rowdy Rebel said, “You can, Mom. Parents go to help on our field trips…Oh, and don’t worry…No […]