Christmas 2011 Gift Lists – Video Games and Computers

Last year, the boys wrote their gift lists. Wow, were those some loooong lists. Did I do that when I was little? Probably. This year, I must admit, I’m almost nervous to see the lists! I know they’d love the new 3D console, so I was looking around for Nintendo 3DS deals…The price just dropped, […]

Quote about a Bug

This is a short quote–but I think you’ll agree that it packs quite a punch. Rowdy Rebel said to me this afternoon: “Mom, do you know what? Once I squished a bug inside my nose. It felt weird.”

New Room for Toddler – Thanks Mr. Panda

Baby Brother got a new room and a new bed. I was concerned about the transition (namely, afraid he would refuse to transition at all). When I tucked him in the first night, he called me into the room and held onto me for dear life. Things did not seem to be going as I’d […]

Six-Year-Old Talks Stanford Admissions

This is probably one of my favorite all-time quotes by Rowdy Rebel. He heard me talking to a parent about Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. I had noticed on the website that students who are admitted have access to financial aid–though it’s incredibly difficult to get in. He must have listened in. I was […]

Blessing of Thanks…By Rowdy Rebel

During the weeks before Thanksgiving, the boys studied about the Pilgrims and their voyage to the New World. They learned in school about difficulties that faced new comers to the Americas long ago. I suppose these recent lessons in school had something to do with Rowdy Rebel’s blessing at dinner the other night. He folded […]

Why People Get Expensive Cars

We need a new car, so there are a lot of discussions about cars these days. Deep Thinker keeps pointing out models he knows to be expensive. But I keep responding that there is no point in owning an expensive car. We don’t need expensive things. We just need to be able to transport ourselves […]

Butterfly Facts

Rowdy Rebel was “helping” me cook dinner the other night. He asked, “Mom, did you have any babies before you and Dad got married?” I said no. He said, “Ohhhhh, so ya have to be married to have babies.” I said, yes, pretty much. And he explained, “Well, butterflies don’t have to be married to […]


This was a fun dialogue we had today on the way home from summer camp. Rowdy Rebel: “Mom, do you know anyone who has a uni-bra?” Deep Thinker: “Ummmm, do you mean a uni-brow?” Rowdy Rebel: “Oh yeah. So Mom, do you know anyone who has a uni-bra?”

Advice on Mummies

We were driving back home from Lake Arrowhead a few weeks ago. (This is one of our favorite Southern California family vacation spots–along with Big Bear. If you don’t know about these areas, you can read about them here.) Suddenly, the boys started talking about mummies. I have no idea why or how the topic […]

Batteries and Bodies

One of my favorite evening activities is what I think of as “one by one” walks. By this, I mean that I like to take each of my boys for an individual walk and catch up with their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and just spend a little one on one time. With three boys, the “one […]