Rhetorical Question about Underwear

Rowdy Rebel took a shower. As he got out, I asked the usual rhetorical questions just to be sure he got it all done without cutting any corners. I asked, “Did ya wash your hair?” Rowdy Rebel said, “Yes!” “Did ya put on your pajamas?” I asked. “Yes!” Then I double checked, “Did ya put […]

Museum Bugs

We’re headed to the museums in Washington DC next week, so I asked the boys which ones they want to see. Of course the International Spy Museum ranked #1. In spot #2 is the Air and Space Museum. Deep Thinker is only interested in those two. Rowdy Rebel, however, was interested in the Natural History […]

Advice on Mummies

We were driving back home from Lake Arrowhead a few weeks ago. (This is one of our favorite Southern California family vacation spots–along with Big Bear. If you don’t know about these areas, you can read about them here.) Suddenly, the boys started talking about mummies. I have no idea why or how the topic […]

My First Grader’s Manly Internet Search

Oh my. My first grader has been using the computer more and more. I am not ready for this. Yet I encourage it. We often use it together to find the answers to his questions–you know, things like “What’s a spider web made of, Mom?” So he has seen me do Internet searches many times. […]

Poor Caterpillar

There are caterpillars all over the place. They’re hanging out of trees, crawling all over the ground, and sometimes blowing in the wind here! It’s awful! It’s so hard to get Rowdy Rebel in the front door, because he loves to stand and stare at the caterpillars screaming “WOOK, a piwar! WOOK anuder piwar!!!!” (LOOK, […]

Pet Snails…Great

Deep Thinker’s kindergarten class is learning about snails. The teacher asked us to bring garden snails in if we had any to spare. So the boys and I went searching. We found some, collected them, and put them in plastic containers (with holes) to bring to school the next day. Rowdy Rebel really, really wanted […]

Ketchup Fun All Over My Living Room

Rowdy Rebel discovered the ketchup squirting mechanism today. Ironically enough, he was discovering this as I was cleaning my room about 6 feet away. You know, there’s no fun like ketchup fun. I can hear his little thoughts now: Ketchup in the kitchen! Ketchup in the carpet! Ketchup, ketchup KETCHUP! It kind of makes a […]

Rowdy Rebel “Want Break Eggs”

We were having a nice evening at home. The boys were playing quietly, Deep Thinker (age 5) in their bedroom and Rowdy Rebel (age 2) in the living room. I was cleaning up in our room. Deep Thinker is always quiet, so I really wasn’t too worried about the silence in their room. But when […]

Rowdy Rebel “Want Break Eggs” Follow-up

People, it wasn’t enough to splatter eggs all over my living room. The next day, my husband was using his computer in the kitchen (which is basically part of the living room). Rowdy Rebel was playing right behind him. My husband noticed an odd silence and turned to check on Rowdy. He had taken the […]


Rowdy Rebel’s favorite question is “Whassat!” (What’s that?) He says it very, very excitedly. And over and over. When we read stories before bedtime, my job is to turn pages and remain quiet while yells over and over and over, “Whassat!? Whassat!? Whassat!?” This morning, I walked in and Denise (our part-time nanny) was reading […]