Ketchup Fun All Over My Living Room

Rowdy Rebel discovered the ketchup squirting mechanism today. Ironically enough, he was discovering this as I was cleaning my room about 6 feet away. You know, there’s no fun like ketchup fun. I can hear his little thoughts now: Ketchup in the kitchen! Ketchup in the carpet! Ketchup, ketchup KETCHUP! It kind of makes a jingle if you sing the right notes.

Please note: These photographs don’t accurately show just how THICK those spots on the carpet are. They’re like half an inch thick. In the photo they look so small. In person, they were not at all small.

The good news is that I was pretty surprised at how easily ketchup came out of our carpet. It only took me like 20 minutes to clean up the entire mess! And I would have been very nervous about Rowdy Rebel’s whereabouts and activities, except that he was having a timeout as he watched me clean up his mess.

The entire time he kept repeating, “Rowdy Rebel MAKE MESS…Rowdy Rebel MAKE MESS…He likes to keep everyone in the loop;)

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