Pronunciation is Not an Issue (hahaha)

I was recently informed of the following things: 1) My kindergartner’s ears feel stopped up. He’s pretty sure he has an ear “infunction.” 2) Also his “taste bumps” used to love chicken, but not anymore. 3) My toddler’s Spiderman toy is a good guy, but the Hulk is a “gag guy.” How can I possibly […]

Rowdy Rebel’s New Phrase

Rowdy Rebel has learned many phrases at preschool, including “what heck dat?” (what the heck is that?), “shubup” (shut up), and my favorite “SAD AT!?” (Did you see that?) Everytime he does something that he finds exciting (dropping cereal on the floor, turning on the light, falling over, jumping off the counch), he yells at […]

My Son’s Turn on the Swing (Follow Up)

In a prior post I described how my five year old waited the entire play period to get a turn on the swing, just to give it up when his friend asked to have a turn. I encouraged him to take his turn first (at least sometimes!). Well, the very next day, the same “friend” […]