Go Ahead, Bite The Cars

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we got together with our friends Alex and Lila. They have a baby named Misha. My six and three year old’s LOVE Misha. He’s 8 months old, and a really sweet little boy. Rowdy Rebel (age 3) was showing Misha all of his toy cars. He was really excited about it […]

Rowdy Rebel Will Help When Baby Arrives (Hm)

We think we’re ready to have a third child. I had the sweetest conversation with my three-year old. First, I asked him if he’d like to have a baby brother or sister. He said he’d like to have a baby brother. He added, “I don’t want to be the baby. I want to be big […]

Unique (Okay, Wierd) Teddy Bear Name

When we were in Northern California, Deep Thinker’s class took a field trip to a factory where they make teddy bears. Before he went, he asked me my favorite color but wouldn’t tell me why. I said black. But he said, no, that he thought red might be a better one. So, I said “Okay, […]

Big Brother is NOT a Dragon

We were talking about a show with dragons and heroes. Rowdy Rebel said that he is a dragon and then acted like one, blowing out pretend fire and stuff like that. My husband asked, “Is Daddy a dragon?” Rowdy Rebel said yes. Then we asked, “Is Mommy a dragon?” He repeated yes. Next we asked, […]

Pronunciation is Not an Issue (hahaha)

I was recently informed of the following things: 1) My kindergartner’s ears feel stopped up. He’s pretty sure he has an ear “infunction.” 2) Also his “taste bumps” used to love chicken, but not anymore. 3) My toddler’s Spiderman toy is a good guy, but the Hulk is a “gag guy.” How can I possibly […]

Sleeping with Spiderman?

Rowdy Rebel likes to sleep with toys. Today he found this plastic Spiderman toy that dances and sings and decided to sleep with it. When I went to check on the boys at night, Rowdy Rebel was asleep with his little armed wrapped around Spiderman. I really like the way Spiderman is laying right on […]

My Little Butterfly

Today in Rowdy Rebel’s preschool, the kids made these huge paper butterfly wings. They cut them out of paper, let the children color designs on them, and taped them to their backs. My son’s were so big, the wings are easily visible from all views. When I put him in the stroller to walk home, […]

Oooooh Dear…Art All Over My Walls

Rowdy Rebel drew a beautiful crayon picture on the wall in the afternoon yesterdayl. I cleaned that off. Then somehow he got a hold of two markers. I noticed it was very quiet in his room, which peaked my interest (and fear). So, I went in, and there he was, drawing another picture for me […]

Orange Sharks and Elder Harrassment

Mother’s Day. We had such a nice time!!! We visited our friends. While there, Deep Thinker sat happily at the edge of their pool, kicking his feet in the water. Then they brought out the mega-power water guns. We all got squirted big-time. Deep Thinker and his friend were squirting forever at this other water […]