Oooooh Dear…Art All Over My Walls

Rowdy Rebel drew a beautiful crayon picture on the wall in the afternoon yesterdayl. I cleaned that off.

Then somehow he got a hold of two markers. I noticed it was very quiet in his room, which peaked my interest (and fear). So, I went in, and there he was, drawing another picture for me on the wall. The art was HUGE, orange scribbles spanning the wall between the top and bottom bunk.

I screamed (as in “AAAA!”, not words to him). But it scared him, so he started to cry. After that, I cleaned the marker off. Well, mostly.

For the rest of the day, every time Rowdy Rebel went into his room, he pointed at the places where the scribbles had been and said, “Ooohhhh.”

His tone implied thoughts like, “Something bad happened there, and it scared my Mommy.” Thank goodness for Mr. Clean erasers.

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