Three Wishes

Rowdy Rebel asked, “Mom, if you could have three wishes, what would they be?”

Before I could answer, he told me that his wishes would be 1) infinity of new wishes 2) lots of money and 3) all of the video games he ever wants no matter how old you have to be to get them.

Then he asked, again, what my three wishes would be. I thought it seemed like a good teachable moment. I said, “Well, my first wish would be that lessons in life are easier to learn. Then people in the world would feel less pain.”

Rowdy Rebel furrowed his brow intensely, and said, “Well that’s a waste of a wish. You have three wishes. Shouldn’t they be about you?”

I said, “Well, of course, it would be great to also have fame, fortune, and never have to have a job!”

He said, “MOM, think about your wishes. If you have FAME, fortune will come. So don’t waste a wish on fortune. Choose something else!”

My oh my. Apparently Rowdy Rebel knows everything. Who needs wishes when you live with someone as smart as him? 🙂

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