Rowdy Rebel Will Help When Baby Arrives (Hm)

We think we’re ready to have a third child. I had the sweetest conversation with my three-year old.

First, I asked him if he’d like to have a baby brother or sister. He said he’d like to have a baby brother. He added, “I don’t want to be the baby. I want to be big boy. I want other brother be baby.”

Then he explained how babies cry: “They say ‘aaaa haaaa.’ Sometimes they say ‘AAAA!'” That was very helpful:)

So, I said, “That’s true. Babies cry a lot. You know Mommy would need to do a lot of things for a baby brother. Would you help Mommy with your baby brother or sister? Would you help Mommy get a new diaper for the baby, or get his bottle in the refrigerator and bring it to me?”

His response: “Yes! I will get the baby’s diaper Mommy! His diaper will be TINY. And he can’t close it, so I will close it. And I will get his milk bottle in the ‘frigiator,’ and I will feed it to him.”

And my favorite: I asked, “Would you help me give the baby a toy if he cries?”

His answer: “Yes. I will get the baby’s toy. First, I will play with it. Then I will share it with baby to play with.” To make sure I understood, he repeated this answer three times.

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