Reactions about Baby Sibling

I asked the boys how they feel about having a baby sibling. Here are a few reactions: Deep Thinker: “I want a brother, not a sister. Then we can have a boy’s club. With a sister, we definitely cannot have THAT.” Rowdy Rebel: “I want a girl or a boy. I will hold her.” (He […]

How to Marry the Right Person: First Grader Advice

When I tucked in my six-year old last night, he said (out of nowhere), “Hey Mommy, I know how you can tell if the person you are marrying is nice.” Full of curiosity, I asked him how to tell. With his eyes opened really wide, he said, “You get to know em.” I said that’s […]

When a Toddler Says the Blessing

Tonight, Rowdy Rebel looked sooo cute as he said the blessing. His eyes were closed, he grinned the entire time, and instead of putting his hands together, his arms were spread out like he was ready to give the world a big hug…or a big speech. Here was his blessing: “God, thank you for my […]

Tha No Nice!

Rowdy Rebel is such a sweet little three-year old. But he does love playing rough, yelling loudly, not sharing, and other toddler behaviors. He’s not the nicest playmate in the world, but I don’t let him get away with it. Of course, I give him time-outs and explain why these things are bad. But we’re […]

Words of Wisdom in Times of Frustration

Rowdy Rebel was sooo irritable yesterday. I think it’s due to having potty training accidents. Poor thing. Poor me and Deep Thinker too…Anyway, we had a hard day. So, at one point Rowdy Rebel was having a fit. At this moment, Deep Thinker asked me if he could sweep the living room. (Note that Rowdy […]

Rowdy Rebel Will Help When Baby Arrives (Hm)

We think we’re ready to have a third child. I had the sweetest conversation with my three-year old. First, I asked him if he’d like to have a baby brother or sister. He said he’d like to have a baby brother. He added, “I don’t want to be the baby. I want to be big […]

Not Ready to Be a Dad

This year in kindergarten, Deep Thinker learned about symbols of the United States, inclulding the bald eagle. He became somewhat obssessed with the bald eagle, so we had to do lots of internet research on them. We learned that newly hatched bald eagles attach to the first moving thing they see as their mother, even […]

Pet Snails…Great

Deep Thinker’s kindergarten class is learning about snails. The teacher asked us to bring garden snails in if we had any to spare. So the boys and I went searching. We found some, collected them, and put them in plastic containers (with holes) to bring to school the next day. Rowdy Rebel really, really wanted […]

My Son’s Turn on the Swing (Follow Up)

In a prior post I described how my five year old waited the entire play period to get a turn on the swing, just to give it up when his friend asked to have a turn. I encouraged him to take his turn first (at least sometimes!). Well, the very next day, the same “friend” […]

Compassionate Little Soul

Deep Thinker built a spaceship out of lego’s, and Rowdy Rebel threw it on the ground. It broke in half (easy to fix though). So Deep Thinker was really mad, crying, and kept talking about it even after we fixed it–just all bent out of shape. I wanted to teach him about forgiving and moving […]