How Did Cavemen Have Babies, Mom?

Today Deep Thinker was feeling very puzzled about how cavemen and cavewomen had babies. Most of this stemmed from our explanation of where babies come from. Deep Thinker keeps pressuring us about this topic, so we told him that basically God gives people babies after they’re married. (This is a pretty standard response, no?) He […]

Six-Year Old Talks Marriage (AGAIN)

Deep Thinker was talking about marriage again. He was saying that his teacher, Ms. Blackwell, has a boyfriend. I asked, “How do you know he’s a boyfriend and not her husband?” He said, “MOM, she’s only 29. How could someone that young be married?”

How to Marry the Right Person: First Grader Advice

When I tucked in my six-year old last night, he said (out of nowhere), “Hey Mommy, I know how you can tell if the person you are marrying is nice.” Full of curiosity, I asked him how to tell. With his eyes opened really wide, he said, “You get to know em.” I said that’s […]