How Did Cavemen Have Babies, Mom?

Today Deep Thinker was feeling very puzzled about how cavemen and cavewomen had babies. Most of this stemmed from our explanation of where babies come from. Deep Thinker keeps pressuring us about this topic, so we told him that basically God gives people babies after they’re married. (This is a pretty standard response, no?)

He became confused and asked, “How did men and women cavemen have babies, Mom? They couldn’t get married.”

This I could handle. But much to my shock, he then added, “They also didn’t know how to KISS. You can’t have babies if you don’t even KISS.”

I frantically tried to remember any new or older friends Deep Thinker has met lately, but none came to mind. So, I asked, “Why do you think they needed to kiss to have babies?”

And he said, “Hello. You have to KISS to get MARRIED, don’t ya? Didn’t YOU kiss DADDY when you and Daddy got married?” And he waved his hands around in the air like this was the dumbest question he’d ever heard in his entire life.

I was quite relieved. Then he added, “Oh yeah, also there were no doctors back then to take the baby out of the Mommy’s belly. That’s ANOTHER problem.”

Yes, I agree. That certainly is another problem. One that I am not ready to solve with Deep Thinker right now. Fortunately for me, the conversation took a turn for a different caveman-related topic.

One Response to “How Did Cavemen Have Babies, Mom?”

  1. Love the waving his hands around part. That is one of my favorite gestures to use when I’m frustrated! (Guess I never totally outgrew being a kid…)