Where God Lives: Rowdy Rebel’s Theory

I am not doing a lot to promote spirituality and religion at home. I want to do more. But at least each day we say the blessing and express thanks for the things we have and ask for help growing and learning and being better.

We were saying the blessing at dinner two days ago, and Rowdy Rebel asked, “Mommy why do we have to close our eyes?” (He doesn’t understand the blessing concept yet. Always interrupts the blessing with comments and questions. And they take forever to answer. Also, insists on saying his own blessing, so we often end up saying two of them, unless it’s his turn, then we say one.)

So, I told him that when we talk to God, we usually close our eyes.

Then he asked, “Who’s God?” His face was really puzzled but interested. So, I explained that God is kind of like a Daddy, but really big, and he lives in the sky.

Deep Thinker joined in and added, “Yeah, or maybe he lives in our HEARTS.”

Then Rowdy Rebel said (not joking), “Yeah, or maybe…maybe he lives in my EAR.”

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