Shut Yer Yap

At dinner tonight, Deep Thinker almost said a bad word. I interrupted just in time, “No! That’s a bad word. We don’t say that, okay?” (Sometimes he still doesn’t know a word is bad–I believe that was the case in this instance.) So, then he tells us a story: “Hey, my friend Tyler at school […]

No Littering, No Peeing

Deep Thinker and I were on our way to get Rowdy Rebel from preschool. On the way, we saw a “Do Not Litter” sign outside of a store. So, Deep Thinker read the sign to me slowly, “Do…not…litter.” Then he explained, “Mom, if a sign says ‘Don’t Litter,’ that means you can’t throw trash there.” […]

Where Do Babies Come OUT, Mommy?

Boy, baby questions are just getting out of hand. Deep Thinker keeps asking where babies come from. At first, I was cleverly dodging the question with vague answers. (He’s only 6. I can’t tell him and have him break this news to his friends in kindergarten. I would be killed by numerous parents not yet […]

Reactions about Baby Sibling

I asked the boys how they feel about having a baby sibling. Here are a few reactions: Deep Thinker: “I want a brother, not a sister. Then we can have a boy’s club. With a sister, we definitely cannot have THAT.” Rowdy Rebel: “I want a girl or a boy. I will hold her.” (He […]

Six-Year Old Calls Self a “Man”

Deep Thinker is now taking guitar lessons. His teacher is named Phil. I could tell on day one that these two were going to study well together. Phil is really polite, serious, and diligent about where the last lesson left off and where the new one begins. Very patient guy and excellent guitar player (of […]