Reactions about Baby Sibling

I asked the boys how they feel about having a baby sibling. Here are a few reactions: Deep Thinker: “I want a brother, not a sister. Then we can have a boy’s club. With a sister, we definitely cannot have THAT.” Rowdy Rebel: “I want a girl or a boy. I will hold her.” (He […]

Little Toddler’s Hurt Feelings…OUCH

My little Rowdy Rebel was harrassing his big brother Deep Thinker, and eventually Deep Thinker hit him. Rowdy Rebel was crrr-yyyyyy-ing. So I sat with him and hugged him for a long time, as I tried to explain that he can’t bother his older brother like that. But that his brother also should be patient, […]

Rowdy Rebel Will Help When Baby Arrives (Hm)

We think we’re ready to have a third child. I had the sweetest conversation with my three-year old. First, I asked him if he’d like to have a baby brother or sister. He said he’d like to have a baby brother. He added, “I don’t want to be the baby. I want to be big […]

Big Brother is NOT a Dragon

We were talking about a show with dragons and heroes. Rowdy Rebel said that he is a dragon and then acted like one, blowing out pretend fire and stuff like that. My husband asked, “Is Daddy a dragon?” Rowdy Rebel said yes. Then we asked, “Is Mommy a dragon?” He repeated yes. Next we asked, […]

Poor Snail

We went for a walk this evening. Our sprinkler comes on at about 6:30pm, and snails come out. We have HUGE snails with shells about the size of a nickel or even bigger. Very round and very gross. I am always nervous while I fumble with the door as I lock it, because I am […]