Poor Snail

We went for a walk this evening. Our sprinkler comes on at about 6:30pm, and snails come out. We have HUGE snails with shells about the size of a nickel or even bigger. Very round and very gross.

I am always nervous while I fumble with the door as I lock it, because I am afraid Rowdy Rebel will fall down the stairs. (Deep Thinker or I hold his hand most of the time, but we had all of our walking gear today–water, diaper bag, toys, etc, and no free hands.) So, after I locked the door, I looked over and Rowdy Rebel had gotten down the stairs without an issue BUT had picked up a huge nasty snail.

He was eying it intensely, eyebrows wrinkled and all. I screamed, took it out of his hand, and threw it on the ground. What did Rowdy Rebel do? He immediately stomped on it.

Gosh, just when you think things can’t get any grosser! Just like that, didn’t think about it twice, just squished poor little snail.

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