Waving American Flags

It’s Election Night! After the votes were tallied, Deep Thinker and I watched the speeches tonight by McCain and Obama. I kind of started regretting that because I was missing a lot of each speech due to my son’s MANY questions. First, Deep Thinker asked me a MILLION TIMES why the guy who won didn’t […]

Taking Children for Granted? Two Quick Cures

Sometimes it dawns on me that though my children are my number one priority in my heart and mind, I have inadvertently put other things first in my actions. My friends and I talk often about those moments when we realize that we’re doing everything except spending time with our children–cleaning, cooking, using the Internet, […]

Compassionate Little Soul

Deep Thinker built a spaceship out of lego’s, and Rowdy Rebel threw it on the ground. It broke in half (easy to fix though). So Deep Thinker was really mad, crying, and kept talking about it even after we fixed it–just all bent out of shape. I wanted to teach him about forgiving and moving […]

My Kindergartner Read His First Word (I’m Sobbing)

Deep Thinker read his first word today. It was the word “he.” 🙂 This totally made me cry. We practice reading a lot now. He can sound out the first few letters of words and guess what they are based on the story beyond that.

Financial Support from My Preschooler

I was getting ready to tuck Deep Thinker in bed, and he said, “Hey, Mommy, this morning when you were getting Rowdy Rebel to sleep, I took some of my quarters from my wallet, and I put them in your jar, the one where you put change.” I asked why he did that. And he […]