Waving American Flags

It’s Election Night! After the votes were tallied, Deep Thinker and I watched the speeches tonight by McCain and Obama. I kind of started regretting that because I was missing a lot of each speech due to my son’s MANY questions.

First, Deep Thinker asked me a MILLION TIMES why the guy who won didn’t go first. Why did the guy who lost give his speech first? That doesn’t make much sense he said.

During the speeches, he asked me over and over and over, “Okay, what’s he saying? What’s that stuff MEAN?”

Then Obama concluded his acceptance speech. The crowd in front of Obama was clapping their hands and waving their flags.

My little Deep Thinker said, “Look! Everyone has little American flags!” Then he looked at me with his eyes open wide–and as seriously and innocently as only a child could, he asked, “Are the people at McCain’s speech waving their flags too, Mom?”

Image Credit: Photographer Stacy Braswell

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