Children, Loose Teeth, And Treasures

For children loose teeth are of paramount importance! BUT I thought Deep Thinker would NEVER lose his first tooth. In kindergarten, his first peer reported a baby loose tooth. Then the next person. Pretty soon everyone is losing teeth. Except Deep Thinker. He handled it well…until about the middle of first grade. Then a few […]

Quotes about Girls (By My Son)

I was trying to get some last minute holiday gift ideas. When I ask Deep Thinker what he wants for Christmas, he only says “Wii.” I’m not getting another game console. But he simply can’t think of anything else. SO, instead, I asked him lots of questions during a regular conversation that had nothing to […]

Rowdy Rebel Draws…Body Parts

Rowdy Rebel was using a thumb tack and paper on the carpet to make me a picture. He did this by poking holes in the paper aaaaallll the way around until he had formed a bat. (It’s kind of like he cut the bat out except that he did it by poking holes with a […]

A Child, Teachers, and Funny Compliment

It’s always interesting to listen to a child talk about teachers. Especially to me, since I was a teacher and have many, many friends who are teachers! Rowdy Rebel was telling me about school and how much he likes his friends. (All of his friends are very rowdy, just like he is, of course.) His […]