Children, Loose Teeth, And Treasures


For children loose teeth are of paramount importance! BUT I thought Deep Thinker would NEVER lose his first tooth.

In kindergarten, his first peer reported a baby loose tooth. Then the next person. Pretty soon everyone is losing teeth. Except Deep Thinker. He handled it well…until about the middle of first grade. Then a few times he got really anxious…but last summer he FINALLY got a loose baby tooth! After this, it was Internet 24/7. He kept searching for how to pull a loose tooth. He kept ASKING me how to pull a loose tooth. Questions about the toothfairy. By the time he finally lost his first tooth, I was ready to pull my hair out! Finally, about 4 months ago (in the 2nd grade!), he lost his first tooth. Huge celebration (and relief for me).

He just lost his fourth tooth last night–this took place while our neighbors were watching the boys for us. My husband and I had gone out to a movie, and our friend Rosie stayed with the boys.

Well, we saw our movie, and it was nice, but it was also nice to get home and hear a calm, quiet house with all of our boys asleep. BUT Rosie reported that Deep Thinker lost his tooth while we were gone. I love how he told Rosie about it. Here’s the dialogue they had–oozing with 2nd grade sweetness and lack of self-conciousness:

Deep Thinker: I went into the bathroom to poop. While I was in there, my tooth came out.

Rosie: WOW! That’s great!

Deep Thinker: Call my Mom to tell her.

Rosie: I’ll definitely tell her!

Deep Thinker: I know where her phone number is. I can give it to you.

Rosie: Thank you.

He he. Rosie didn’t call us immediately, as she knew we were out watching a movie. But she let us know about this development, and Deep Thinker was happy to find $1 under his pillow. Though as seemingly with all other things, he was kind of hoping for more:)

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