A Child, Teachers, and Funny Compliment

It’s always interesting to listen to a child talk about teachers. Especially to me, since I was a teacher and have many, many friends who are teachers!

Rowdy Rebel was telling me about school and how much he likes his friends. (All of his friends are very rowdy, just like he is, of course.) His teacher at school is very warm and patient. I like her a lot. She’s very beautiful as well–this isn’t important but does kind of factor into this story, as you will see momentarily.

So I ask from time to time how things are going with the teachers. I asked Rowdy Rebe about his pre-school teacher, “So, how’s your teacher? Does she seem happy with your work lately?”

Rowdy Rebel says, “Oh yes. She’s VERY nice.” I thought, well, this means Rowdy Rebel must be doing well–still being good in class. Thank goodness.

Then he stops, turns around and looks me in the eye to add: “BUT, she has a mustache.” Okey dokey.

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