Crushes in 1st and 2nd Grade

Deep Thinker has been the unfortunate victim of two crushes.

One happened last year. A girl accidentally made him bump into a door, and this gave him a huge black eye. Then, she developed a crush on him. She’s very cute (in my opinion), but as he puts it “bossy and mean.” This year, they’ve kind of become friends. So that’s nice.

This year another girl–we’ll call her Ann–has apparently told her friends that she loves Deep Thinker. He tells me in horror “THE WHOLE SECOND GRADE knows about it! It’s very embarrassing!” as he makes a horrified face. Poor thing.

I was trying to make him feel better. I said, “Honey, but Ann is so adorable.”

His response: “Don’t be fooled Mom. She’s NOT as nice as she looks.”

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