Cord Blood Savings

We got a cord blood discount of $250 using a coupon code to keep down the cost of cordblood storage with our second and third children. We didn’t do this with our first child due to the expense…That was in 2001. Over the last 7 years, cord blood research has been used to cure cancers, diabetes, cerebreal palsy and other conditions (and injuries)–they have even cured children with the cord blood of SIBLINGS (see success stories)…In addition to the coupon, here are ways I found to bring the price down:

  1. Get $150-$300 off with a Discount
    Provide a cord blood coupon code when you enroll by phone or online at a cord blood company. Most companies list a code right on their sign up page.
  2. Cord Blood payment plants–use these in combination with the cord blood coupon code, so no need to put a lump sum on a credit card.
  3. Get a repeat discount if you have another child, use the same cord blood bank to get a repeat client discount of $300-$400.

Many families decide not to store cord blood, but donate it instead. Either way, it seems like a great way (and an easy way) to help doctors cure conditions that seriously affect the lives of children.  The research and successes so far are amazing!

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