Rowdy Rebel Feels Auntie Should Have Children

My sister flew from the East Coast to visit us this week! The boys are SOOOO excited. We’ll refer to her as Aunt Super Cool, since that’s how the boys feel about her:) And me too. Aunt Super Cool is not married, and she doesn’t have children. She might have children at some point–if she […]

My Son’s Political Views

We were watching the final debate between the presidential candidates tonight. I like to hear what my sons think about lots of things. I thought I’d ask them what they think about the presidential candidates. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t get anything edgewise out of my four year-old except that he wants to play Nintendo. Understandable. […]

Rowdy Rebel Asks About College

What a fun conversation I had with my four-year old yesterday! He wanted to know all about college. There are several punchlines in this conversation, so I’m just going to share each line with you as he asked and answered questions: Rowdy Rebel: “Mom, when I go to college, can I do whatever I want?” […]