Rowdy Rebel Feels Auntie Should Have Children

My sister flew from the East Coast to visit us this week! The boys are SOOOO excited. We’ll refer to her as Aunt Super Cool, since that’s how the boys feel about her:) And me too. Aunt Super Cool is not married, and she doesn’t have children. She might have children at some point–if she gets married. We shall see.

Sometimes people ask her why she doesn’t have children, but I sense they feel a little hesitant. Well, this week Rowdy Rebel became curious about the topic, and he didn’t feel at all hesitant.

He said, “Aunt Super Cool, why don’t you have babies?”

She said, “Because I’m not married. Why, do you think I need to have babies?” Rowdy Rebel said YES.

So, his aunt said, “Really? When do you think I should have babies?”

Rowdy Rebel answered, “Oh, I don’t know…the day after tomorrow.” he he.

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