Crushes in 1st and 2nd Grade

Deep Thinker has been the unfortunate victim of two crushes. One happened last year. A girl accidentally made him bump into a door, and this gave him a huge black eye. Then, she developed a crush on him. She’s very cute (in my opinion), but as he puts it “bossy and mean.” This year, they’ve […]

My Kindergartner “Falled in Love”

Well, my little kindergartner proclaimed last night that he “falled in love.” As I was tucking him in, he told me he had a secret. The secret was that he “falled in love” with a girl named Abby from his class. As he explained, this is a “major secret,” because Abby would “totally freak out” […]

Power Rangers Kick Girls

Rowdy Rebel still loves the Power Rangers. He does lots of Power Ranger karate moves at the playground, which sometimes turns into fighting, and is a little embarrassing for me but also sometimes funny. He doesn’t get it. The other day he was trying to impress a little three-year old girl he likes to flirt […]