Pet Snails…Great

Deep Thinker’s kindergarten class is learning about snails. The teacher asked us to bring garden snails in if we had any to spare. So the boys and I went searching. We found some, collected them, and put them in plastic containers (with holes) to bring to school the next day.

Rowdy Rebel really, really wanted to collect snails too. Instead, we gave him an empty shell we found.

And thank goodness. When we got home, he threw the shell on the kitchen floor and began stomping on it. Now, he’s really a sweet, warm child. I swear it’s true. But there’s something about some textures (you know, eggs, ketchup, snails, etc) that give him the urge to explore, experiment, throw, and stomp…

Later, I went to tuck Rowdy Rebel in. I got the little guy all settled in, and thought I’d go clean up around the kitchen. As I walked toward the kitchen, I heard his voice. I asked who he was talking to, and he said he was telling his pet snails a bedtime story.

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